Neolithic part 2
Updated: 9/23/2018
Neolithic part 2
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  • We have a very good field and the crops are plentiful. We definitely have more than enough food.
  • Indeed! And we have a wonderful irrigation system leading from the river to the fields which makes the crops grow even faster.
  • Population is booming! We should start to build more houses of better quality than our houses now.
  • I agree with you. Since we have so much extra food, we have enough to feed more people who would like to join our community.
  • About a year later...
  • That's amazing! With all these new things in our lives, we should pick someone to be in charge, and establish a government
  • This is perfect! The people of our community are starting to do their own jobs and claim them as their own.
  • Two months later...
  • The government has established a system of writing to be able to keep records! Isn't that fantastic?!
  • That is sad, but we do need a government to make decisions. Speaking of decisions, we need to figure out how to get more resources since our population is so big.
  • I'm not sure. All these new jobs and new government are creating social inequality. Everyone is no longer equal! Farmers are deemed "worse" than everybody else. How awful!
  • We will give you 20 tools of your choice for 50 stalks of corn.
  • Trade is a perfect way to get resources!
  • Deal!
  • Our civilization is GREAT!
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