A first Valentinesdate

Updated: 2/22/2019
A first Valentinesdate

Storyboard Text

  • I don´t have a valentine!
  • omg! who did this??
  • you´re not going to belive what happened!!
  • It´s the 14th of febuary, the day of love. Everyone has a valentine except Sophie and Maya. 
  • sorry, i already have one
  • do you have a valentine?
  • At recess she openes her locker and sees flowers and ballons, but she doesn´t know from who.
  • will you be my valentine?
  • She tells her best friend Maya what happened and they try to find the guy.
  • omg! he is my boyfriend now
  • They ask a lot of boys if they have a valentine. But sadly everyone has one.
  • After school she is very dissapointed until someone taps on her shoulder. It was Brant, he was the guy behind all of this.
  • He asks her on a date and she says yes! They went to the holiday park. In the end he became her boyfriend.