Unknown Story

Updated: 9/8/2021
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • Nothing good, stepping on 1 butterfly could change everything.
  • When we go back in time, stay on the path and don't do anything you're not told!
  • What if we go of the path?
  • Stay on the trail and you'll be okay.
  • In 2055 there is technology which allows people to go back in time. Our protagonist Eckles just paid $10,000 to go back in time and go hunt a t-rex.
  • Oh no!
  • Eckles no!
  • There it is everyone stay calm.
  • Now Eckles, Travis, Billings, and Kramer are in a time machine going back to when the dinosaurs were alive.
  • You are so stupid do you have any idea what you've done!?
  • Sorry it was an accident.
  • Wait did that butterfly just come off the bottom of my shoe?
  • Eckles and the rest are on the way to the t-rex that had been marked with paint earlier.
  • Who's the president?
  • Deutscher.
  • They run into the t-rex but Eckles steps off the path...
  • Thankfully they killed the t-rex before anyone was hurt, but sadly they couldn't take it home and they made their way back to the time machine.
  • It turns out when Eckles stepped off the path he made a big mistake...