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Updated: 12/6/2018
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  • In the 1800s, there was an election than came to a draw, and it was up to Hamilton, to sway the vote and decide a winner
  • I think Jefferson would be the best choice for our president. He has lots of experience with bettering our country, like when he was secretary of state, and even our vice president. He also was a draftsman for the Deceleration of Independence. Jefferson knows what's best for our nation.
  • I believe Aaron Burr is best fit for our president. He served our country in war, and went to law school so he would know proper ways to handle issues and see whats best for everyone! He is just so nice and normal, you could approach him and have a beer!
  • Regardless of our vote, we need to see what Hamilton thinks of this matter!
  • In the House, Hamilton has to make up a decision, Burr or Jefferson?
  • My opinion on the matter is that Jefferson should be our president! I may have argued with him many times in the past, but when it comes down to it Jefferson is best fit. Jefferson is a man with experience and knows what he wants for the counrty and has strong views. Aaron Burr has no experience in this field and would be worse and unfit for our president.
  • Hamilton has done it! Jefferson will indeed be our 3rd president, and Burr as our vice! Jefferson has won the vote 10 to 4. Hamilton has decided to look past arguments he had with Jefferson and stand with him on being president as he knows what is better for America.
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