The Cattle of The Sun God
Updated: 11/24/2020
The Cattle of The Sun God

Storyboard Text

  • Fine, we'll go to the island of the sun.
  • Odysseus! We need a place to stay! We're getting tired...
  • Yes sir!
  • Remember, men! We must not kill Helios' Cattle! They are precious!
  • Zeus... I'm so hungry...
  • Friends! Let's just eat the Cattle!
  • Oh Zeus, please save us... My beard has been growing, and we've all been getting hungrier... Let us escape this hell...
  • They're killing my cattle!? How dare them! Damn them all to the Underworld! Zeus, slaughter these tyrants!
  • Calm down cousin! I'll deal with them quickly!
  • I'm sorry men... But you broke the rules... May you rest in peace...