Ava Jenkins
Updated: 2/7/2020
Ava Jenkins
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  • The main difference between old immigrants and new immigrants was religion. While the old immigrants were mostly christian, the new ones had many different religions
  • You must be new to the neighborhood. You must come to church with my family on sunday, to praise god with us
  • Oh, no thank you. I don't believe in that god, i'm jewish
  • Immigrants had to go through many steps before being allowed into america, some being medical exams. They hoped that america would be better from their last country, and even though the wait was long, they still were excited to see the statue of liberty while entering ellis island
  • How close are you to being finished?
  • I've had my medical exam, now i'm just waiting for my legal information to be returned
  • The nativist believed that the immigrants were useless for our country, making them put laws into place such as the chinese exclusion act to prevent these immigrants from coming to america
  • Look at them, coming here with their diseases, trying to steal our jobs
  • This is the wealthy class. They were the richest of the rich, this was called the gilded age because the rich were flaunting their wealth by having expensive cars, clothes, and houses. Life was good for them, considering they had all the money they could ask for
  • Jobs for the middle class were jobs such as teachers, lawyers, and doctors.
  • Life for the working class was terrible. They lived in very crowded homes, and some would move into settlement homes for extra support. The views of social gospel was that religious belief should be expressed through good deeds.
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