Updated: 12/12/2020

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  • Act 1- Len and Pearl played "Touch". Mama appears behind them
  • You have to go home...yuh mother must be soon from market
  • Lennaad!!!!
  • She can't do me nutten.
  • Pearl scampers off. Len attempts to run
  • Wah do dah likkle dell bwooii yah man!!?? Nuh bada run else a murda u baxide! cum yah!
  • Mama grabs Len, as she bets him. She pushes him to the ground
  • Miss Esmeralda dutty black gyal Pearl you out yah wid? mi nuh lef u a yaad fi study you book? ehh? she a nuh no advancement you hear weh mi seh? tap deal wid dem dutty frownsy-tail black gyal deh. Mi tell you seh ntn black nuh good! I dat mi tell yuh. Afta school mi have waah nice brown skin girl, weh name Margaret fi u married when di time come, she a advancement. Mek a see you wid one more a dem gyal you and you wi know wah kinda God you serve! kmt! Come gwope!
  • Yes mama..
  • Forgiveness
  • Oh Len,Len,forgive me, please, forgive me
  • As mama tries to escape the house,Lois bars the door.
  • We need you mama!
  • The Lord is my shepherd...I shall not want
  • Prayer for Miss Aggy for deliverance from the evil spirits. She then hugs Len and Lois
  • Omia m Twi. Mia Kuru. Omia n ani.
  • My children,my children!
  • Di same girl that help me,a she mi married to. Is Lois mama and mi love her.
  • No,no, don't it dis and endanger yuh self. Pa Ben warn her
  • If you willing for a fight, I will fight with you
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