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Updated: 12/20/2019
Unknown Story
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  • This is the palace were Prince Sidhartha lived. He was raised to be hindu and was destined to be a emperor or a soldier. He lived on anchors of land and had a teacher who taught him well. After the teacher taught him he would play with the teacher's son all day long.
  • Ever since he learned about death he left his family and became a munk. Sidartha prayed alot and was without food. Then he saw a little girl who gave him a bowl of rice. This is how his journey began to discover the meaning of life.
  • Pray to the lord
  • Sidartha arrived at the bodja tree where he stayed to mediate until he found the meaning of life. Dharma then granted him power. Sidartha became the first budda to teach buddhism to five asetics as his first students. He understand now what the meaning of life was and ready to pass the knowledge to others.
  • This is my summary of Sidhartha, who discovered Buddhism and also taught people the meaning of life. Prince Sidhartha descended from royalty and lived in a castle. The prince was born hindu and was destined to be a emperor or soldier who would die during the war. Sidhartha was taught daily by a teacher. After he was done with his studies he would have freetime to play with his teacherś son. Years later, Prince Sidhartha wanted his friend to live in the palace with him so he asked, ¨Why don´t you stay in the castle with me?” His friend said reluctantly, ¨No I can´t stay here. I have a family to take care of and I can´t leave them¨. Instead he invited Sidhartha to come to his village and visit. Sidhartha went with his friend to the village where he saw an old man. Sidhartha did not know who the old man was so he asked his friend in a curious manner, ¨Who is this old man?¨ His friend told him that ¨ When you are old you are seen as lucky in the village because that means you lived a long life¨. As they continued walking they passed by another man and he was sick. Siddhartha was scared and asked his friend ¨Who is the sick man¨? His friend told him, ¨If you live long enough as a man you can become sick.¨ They continued walking and as they almost arrived to his friends house they walked passed a dying man. The prince asked his friend in a tearful tone,¨ Who is he ?¨ His friend told him sadly,¨ This is a dying man and it will happen to you when you get older¨. Prince Sidhartha was scared of death. Years later, Prince Sidhartha had a wife and child whom he left to became a munk. Everyday Sidhartha prayed on a bed until one day he was sitting next to a tree and a little girl decided to give him her rice. This act made him believe that there is still hope in his journey to discover the meaning of life. At this moment it was where his journey began on how to find the meaning of life. Sidhartha went on this adventure and his teacher Braham had taught him the meaning of life along this journey. While he was walking he mediatated besides a bodhi tree. That is when he had found the true meaning of life. Dhrama gave him the power to teach budda to other people so they know what the meaning of life is. The first students he had were five asteics who were the five munks that kicked him out after he wanted to find the true meaning of life. In conclusion, this is my summary on Prince Sidhartha who was the first person to discover buddhism and teach people the meaning of life.
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