Updated: 2/2/2021

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  • Hey! I'm Ava. I am 15 years old, and I was born in Burlington Ont. Canada. both my parents are half Italian half Canadian, which also makes me half Italian half Canadian. let's stop talking about this and get on to some more interesting stuff.
  • this is mainly where Avas family hangs out.
  • The living room is where we talk or hangout and if not here, then probably when we come out of our rooms. My mom, my brother, my two dogs, Sophie and king and I, are like one whole. We’re all best friends and we will always have each others backs.:)
  • My parents on the other hand, it’s pretty easy to explain. My parents got divorced when I was really little, but they always got along. Once me and my brother started to get older, we kind of stopped seeing my dad as often only because he wasn’t really in the picture anymore. So we live full time with our mom.
  • I was given many opportunities like, going to art school, sports like swimming, dance, gymnastics, soccer and volleyball, but my favourite out of all of all them has to be volleyball.
  • FYI this is supposed to be a volleyball court, I couldn't find one