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Martin Luther Reformation. Ava Ainslie.
Updated: 11/23/2020
Martin Luther Reformation. Ava Ainslie.
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  • Who is Martin Luther?
  • This is Martin Luther. He is getting baptised.
  • Where did Martin Luther grow up?
  • This is my home in Eisleben, Germany.
  • What did Luther do?
  • We are Lutherans.
  • I'm so happy I have the opportunity to be a Monk.
  • Martin Luther was born in Eisleben, Germany on the 10th of November, 1483, he was immediately baptised the day after and later on in his life, he decided he wanted to become a monk.
  • What did Luther do?
  • “If you want to change the world, pick up your pen and write.” - Martin Luther
  • Luther grew up in modern-day Germany. His parents, Hans and Margarette Luther, were of peasant lineage.
  • How did he change society?
  • Wow i'm gaining a lot of followers, this is great!!
  • When Luther finished his studies to become a monk, he was sent to Rome on behalf of his monastery and was appealed by the Roman Catholic Church selling indulgences to raise money to rebuild St. Peters Basilica. "Everything that is done in the world is done by hope" - Martin Luther.
  • How did society change from their actions?
  • We are protesting against the Catholic Church!!
  • Martin Luther was a German monk who forever changed Christianity when he nailed his '95 Theses' to a church door in 1517, sparking the Protestant Reformation.
  • Martin Luther was responsible for his central teachings, that the bible is the central source of religious authority and that salvation is reached through faith and not deeds, shaped the core of protestantism .
  • Martin Luther had a strong belief in nonviolent protest which helped set the tone of the movement. Boycotts, protests and marches were eventually effective and much legislation was passed against racial discrimination. Martin Luther once said "Nothing good comes from violence".
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