Canadian Workplace Norms
Updated: 12/18/2020
Canadian Workplace Norms

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  • Nice to meet you Mr. Smith, my name is Ms. Johnson. I hope the snowy weather didn't provide too much trouble getting here!
  • Hi, my name is Mr. Smith representing Spring Enterprises from Germany
  • Oh yes of course. You're here to discuss our two companies creating a product together, correct?
  • It was good. Definitely a change from home. If don't mind I'd like to get started
  • Your *ahem* interns? Don't you think this should've been done by people far more qualified?
  • I agree, I had my assistant and some interns brainstorm potential options.
  • Yes, I believe a partnership between our two companies could be mutually beneficial
  • If you say so, my apologies. Interns and assistants are usually reserved for paperwork and scut, however I trust your opinion.
  • I can assure you our interns are plenty qualified, Mr. Smith
  • Why is she asking about her family? How unprofessional.
  • Please follow me!
  • Good morning Sarah! I trust you and the Mr. are doing well?
  • Good morning! Yes, we are thank you!
  • This is one of our best interns, Emily Baker
  • Why isn't he shaking my hand? How rude
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