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Updated: 4/9/2021
Unknown Story

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  • People all supported the Crusades for different reasons.
  • Lets start a Crusade!!
  • I can spread Christianity
  • I can earn money!
  • I can earn Holy land!
  • The Pope urged people o sign up for battle to battle the Turks and Arabas, who were unnecessarily fighting.
  • Fellow Christians, we must help our brothers in the east. Sign up for battle!
  • Sign me up!!
  • You will get a FREE ticket to heaven if you fight in this crusade!!!
  • The Pope Urban ll motivated people to start the first crusade
  • Muslims fought against crusade kingdoms, and caused a second crusade, and the Crusaders ended in failure after army's were defeated
  • We didn't fail but we didn't really win
  • Richard of England took troops to fight in the 3rd crusade. He went to Jerusalem. It didn't do much for them.
  • Not much was gained from the crusades apart from some knowledge, and many deaths occurred.