Never Let Me Go Story Board
Updated: 11/30/2020
Never Let Me Go Story Board

Storyboard Text

  • Block #1: A group of children, grew up at Hailsham. They knew nothing about the outside world. They had dreams of doing big things, but none of them knew that their life was already planned out for them.
  • Block #2: Everybody made fun of Tommy, but only because they could get a reaction out of him. Every time he got picked on he had a temper tantrum. The only person to have any remorse for him was Kathy.
  • Block #3: Right before leaving Hailsham, Tommy and Kathy would always try and place together clues to what their future life would like. In this time, Ruth and Tommy started dating.
  • Block #4: After their time at Hailsham was over, the students were moved to Cottages. This transition was very hard for the students because they were all used to relying on the guardians but now all they had is eachother. They looked up to the veterans because they were the only other people at the cottages.
  • Block #5: Two of the veterans, Chrissie and Rodney, thought that they saw Ruth's possible in Norfolk. So Kathy, Ruth, and Tommy went with them to see if it was actually her possible but it wasn't. After this news Ruth was very rude to Kathy and Tommy and even left them in Norfolk to show off for the veterans.
  • Block #6: All students at Hailsham are expected to grow up and donate their organs. And this is exactly what Kathy is doing. She was one of the firsts to start this new chapter in her life, and she is really good at it.