Updated: 5/12/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Learning goal- I will be able to draw a diagram to explain
  • We are going to go outside and learn about Photosynthesis
  • oooo!! this is a great example of photosynthesis! So, Photosynthesis is... When the pant takes in sunlight, carbon Dioxide, and water. That makes glucose, sugar, and oxygen
  • Can someone tell me the three things that must occur during Photosynthesis. I also want someone to tell me what byproducts, hint there are two...
  • And.. they are glucose and oxygen
  • What must occur is... Sunlight, Carbon dioxide, and water.
  • That was a great lesson today! I am super excited to learn more tomorrow!
  • Hi Mom! I learned about something so fun! Its called photosynthesis!