a slice of my heart

Updated: 2/18/2019
a slice of my heart

Storyboard Text

  • Daisy loves to cook. She has been working on these cookies for a while. She calls her husband, Kenneth in to try them.
  • Kenneth, come try these cookies I have been working on!
  • Please try one. I worked so hard. I think you will like it this time! I want to start working as a chef...maybe...?
  • Kenneth is annoyed. He walks in the room and rolls his eyes. Daisy shares with him her dream of being a chef.
  • fine. I will try one. I am too busy for your silly hobby.
  • After kenneth goes off on Daisy, he leaves for work.
  • what are you thinking Daisy? You cannot be a chef haha. You are far too dumb. These cookies are bad, Try harder next time. You are lucky you have me to make the money for you.
  • Daisy is sad after Kenneth is mean to her.
  • Kenneth is right. I am too dumb. I am not even good a cooking. I am so stupid to think I could be a chef.
  • Daisy orders a Pizza. 
  • Hi! This is your delivery man, Dave! We are on it.
  • Dominos Pizza
  • Can I please have a large peporonni pizza?
  • Their pizza will be better than anything I could ever make. 
  • the pizza man arrives and knocks on the door.