S.2 English Easter Holiday project

Updated: 4/14/2020
S.2 English Easter Holiday project

Storyboard Text

  • problem
  • discover the probelm
  • why there's so many rubbish in the sea nowadays?
  • thinking the solution
  • The sea is full of rubbish. The fish are discussing how they could live together in this dirty sea. However, they still haven't got a solution. Their friends are dying.They had suffered from this problem for years.
  • dream
  • Hi ! I'm here to help you.
  • This man lives near the sea. In the morning, the smell of the sea flew into his house so he went to see why it's such smelly. He saw a lot of rubbish in the sear shore. He wanted to solve this problem.
  • take actions
  • He thinks the fish are treated badly. He wanted to help them. The man went back to his home and trying to think how cam he clan the ocean. He found that there are tools in his room that might help.
  • got reply from the fish
  • At night, the man dreamed of a fairy. The fairy called herself as the queen of the ocean. The fairy knows the man wanted to help the ocean so she taught him the method and hope he can do it. The man knew it and trying to help. 
  • HE is sick of seeing the rubbish in the sea. After he dreamt of the fairy , he did what the fairy told him what to do. HE started to clean the ocean. After cleaning the sea was much cleaner.
  • After the sea was cleaned by him, the fish thanked him and left. he didn't smell any smelly rubbish at home. that night, he dreamt the fairy again, the fairy said:" you're a kind and wonderful man !" He spread this message and hope others can help clean the sea too.
  • you're welcome!
  • title :
  • clean the sea together
  • name :
  • Wong Shun Hei Ava