Updated: 2/13/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Tally visits Peris in New Pretty Town, which is illegal and he helps her get out.
  • "You can't be here!"
  • "I just needed to see you!"
  • Tally meets Shay and they become fast friends. Shay teaches Tally all her hoverboarding tricks.
  • "If I became pretty, I'd still talk to you."
  • Shay takes Tally out of town, showing her the rusty ruins and explaining that she knows someone out there.
  • "His name's David. He lives out here."
  • My favorite color is dark green.
  • Shay tells Tally that she is leaving, not wanting to tun pretty. Tally decides not to go with Shay, staying in the town.
  • "I can't go with you. I want to turn pretty."
  • Tally is taken by the Specials and meets Dr. Cable, who tells her she can't turn pretty until she finds Shay.
  • "Bring me Shay and her friends or stay ugly!"
  • Tally decides to go and find Shay, with convincing from her parents, hoping to turn her and her friends in so she can turn pretty.
  • "All I have to do is find her and activate the tracker."
  • "You can do it, it's not that hard."