Storyboard project chapter 12
Updated: 2/3/2021
Storyboard project chapter 12

Storyboard Text

  • David sees a woman
  • David is punished
  • Your child will die. This is your punishment!
  • David has Solomon
  • David sees a women and sends for her. They sleep together that night. David makes it seems that it was her husband that did this by telling him to sleep with her. He ends up sleeping outside instead. David puts him on the frontline of the battle and he dies.
  • Absalom turns from God
  • I want to be King. I will not worship the lord anymore!
  • BethSheba mourns and then has a baby with David. David was punished. God said that his son should die. The baby ends up dying.
  • David builds a temple
  • Later on, they have another baby named Solomon. God loved Solomon.
  • Solomon is king
  • Again, David has a baby named Absalom. When he was older, he turned away from God because he wanted to be king. Absalom got punished and died.
  • Before David died, he started making a temple for Solomon. He didn’t finish because he was very ill and was going to die soon.
  • On David’s death bed, he crowned Solomon to be king.