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Updated: 11/7/2018
The Oustsides
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  • Family are friends that you need for life.
  • Soda Running
  • Darry's Death
  • Pony boy and his brothers have a strong bond when they are together because this all that they have left in the family and a result of that they are trying to help each other though the tough times ahead
  • Character
  • The physical traits of Ponyboy is that he wasn't as strong as Darry or Soda but he was the fastest runner of his family.
  • On page 175 of the book Soda runs out of the house to the park and this is the part when hes telling Ponyboy and Dally that he s fells like hes being stuck in the middle of a tug-of-war between Pony and Dally.
  • Dialouge
  • I believe that this where the story had climaxed where Darry had died because he has pretty muched lost every thing in life from when Jonny died at the hospital
  • Internal Conflict
  • A quote from PonyBoy is that he doesn't use his head and sometimes in the story it is true. Especially when he doesn't use his head when he runs into the fire in the church. To save the 6 children that were not counted and were at the back of the church.
  • His interests are that we shouldn't fight unless we are needing to. I believe that a belief that Ponyboy has is that even if we are different people we still look at the same sunset everyday too.
  • I believe that dialogue is important because it gives us an insight on to what the other characters were saying because we never really got to see what they were thinking in that current moment.
  • Ponyboy's internal conflict is that when people around him were either wanting to fight or didn't want to fight and Ponyboy was one of the people that didn't fight unless necessary
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