Unknown Story
Updated: 4/7/2021
Unknown Story

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  • As the boys' father dies, he says, "Share this property and work together. I leave this land to both of you."
  • The older brother kicks out the younger brother and takes the land, leaving him with nothing.
  • One day, the boy saved a bird after getting attacked by a snake. He thought nothing of it, but little did he know fortune would come his way.
  • The boy's family found a suspicious melon, and when they opened it up, tons of gold fell out!
  • After hearing about this, the older brother saved a bird, but not genuinely. Soon after he found the magic melon, and when he opened it up, thousands of fighting warriors came out and beat him up. 
  • The older brother's land was destroyed, and he ran to his younger brother, who graciously took him in. Even after being mistreated.