Updated: 2/18/2021

Storyboard Text

  • "Jennette, you should read the Lord of the rings series, they transport you to a different world." (Lori 168)
  • "I don't want to go to a different world."
  • "I got into a fight with the mountain, and the mountain won." (Rex 169)
  • The Walls house is run down and trashed. It has very bad insulation, and becomes very cold in the winter. The family knows there living condition is bad, but hardly does anything to make it better.
  • Garbage for lunch, yet again.
  • The family, with the exception of rex, passes time by reading. Lori likes to read books that takes her to a better place, while Jennette reads books that are relatable to her lifestyle.
  • We have to start providing for the family, since nobody else will.
  • One night, Rex stumbles into the house, waking up Jennette. He has cuts all over after loosing a fight to "The mountain." Jennette is forced to stitch him up.
  • The Walls kids can not afford to bring their own lunch to school every day, so Jennette is forced to pick through garbage scarps.
  • The Walls family can not afford to buy coal to light their fire and keep their house warm during the winter. Jennette and Brian pick up loose coal that has fallen out of trucks passing through the town.
  • During the cold harsh winter, the kids favorite activity is to go to the laundromat. They like o sit on the warm machines and watch there cloths spin in circles.