A Doll's House, Act IV

Updated: 6/16/2021
A Doll's House, Act IV

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  • I should leave, I need to get out of this house now. 
  • I'm leaving, I have everything in order. Nothing is going to change my mind.
  • No please do not. I will not respond.
  • You're leaving? Can I at least write to you?
  • I wonder if I made the right decision? Should I go back for the kids? Should I take them with me or stay?
  • Goodbye Nora
  • Goodbye Torvald...
  • I know, I am still here to help out with the kids and the house. I think Nora will be back for the kids if you ask me.
  • Well Nora left. I can't believe her. She left me with all the kids.
  • I wish mom would come back. Why would she leave us?