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Andrew Jackson
Updated: 3/16/2020
Andrew Jackson
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  • Christopher TurpinAndrew Jackson should not be on the 20 dollar bill.
  • TCI section
  • Would you happen to know any more about why Andrew Jackson shouldn't be on the 20 dollar bill
  • Do you think Andrew Jackson should be on the 20 dollar bill?
  • Andrew Jackson shouldn't be on the 20 dollar bill. The first reason is that he used the Jacksonian Democracy to win his election. The Jacksonian Democracy is political power for all people. Which means that all people had the right to vote. But at the time people didn't have a lot of education and didn't have the knowledge.
  • Do you have any more reasons why Andrew Jackson shouldn't be on he 20 dollar bill?
  • Yes I do. During his presidency he used the Spoils System. The spoils system is the practice of a successful political party giving public office to its supporters. This means that the people who voted for Jackson were given good high jobs in the government. Which was bad because people lost their jobs.
  • I do have some more information of why Jackson shouldn't be on the 20 dollar bill. Another reason was the Indian removal act. The Indian removal act was for Indians to move west of the Mississippi River into federal land. This is bad for Jackson because he is kicking Indians out of their own territory.
  • Andrew Jackson also used the States Rights. States Rights is the rights and powers held by individual US states rather than by the federal government. This is bad because the states will only make dissensions that only benefit them
  • Do you know anything on the States Rights and how Andrew Jackson used it
  • Does any know about the War on National Banks and/ economical dissensions and how Andrew Jackson used them.
  • Andrew Jackson despised banks because they didn't serve to common people. So he decided to destroy the banks by vetoing the banks renewal. Then he removed the funds from the Second National Bank. When he did this it was one of the steps leading to the panic of 1837. This is why he shouldn't be on the 20 dollar bill because he destroyed the Nation Bank.
  • Nick.
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