The tooth ghost
Updated: 11/27/2020
The tooth ghost

Storyboard Text

  • we must help them!
  • there is dirt in someones mouth
  • well then go to the dentist
  • my mouth's been hurting all day
  • fine then but your mouths still going to hurt
  • no i'm not going into the dentist!
  • scene.1in cave[int] nightthe teeth ghost's are talking about how they know thatsomeone has dirt in there mouth
  • im just going to go bed
  • scene.2in car[int] daythe girl on the right is talking about how her mouth hurtsand the girl on the left said to go to the dentist
  • ZZZZzzzzz
  • scene.3outside of dentist[ext] daythe 2 girls get to the dentist but the right girl doesn't want to go in
  • You know i didn't even do anything and my mouth feels fine
  • Weird?
  • scene.4in bedroom[int]nightthe girl is about to go to sleep
  • scene.5in bedroom[int]nightthe tooth ghost comes to her bedroom and heals her mouth
  • scene.6in cafe[ext]dayGirls talk about how her mouth strangely doesn't hurt