David Alibis
Updated: 2/13/2020
David Alibis

Storyboard Text

  • I got a surprise for Grandma.Her favorite Jell-o.
  • Oh, Davy thank you.
  • Grandma, I have a suprise. Its your favorite Jell-o. Its even green.
  • David before going to school made Jell-o. Daivd also put drugs on Grandma's Jell-o.Also, after he is done doing all the stuff he did he cleans all the evidence so know one can tell he did it.
  • Ok, Davy
  • Gramda lets go watch a tv show.
  • David went to school.
  • "snoring"
  • I'm going to check her pulse. Ok, she is sleeping
  • David got home and gave Grandma the surprise.
  • David asked Grandmato go watch a t.v show with him.
  • David checked Grandma's pulse, to see if Grandma was sleeping.
  • David left to go meet the other's who are invovled with the kidnapping of Mr.Griffin. They are going to meet up at school.