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My Tale of Woe (and How it's Odysseus's Fault) by Eurylochus
Updated: 11/21/2019
My Tale of Woe (and How it's Odysseus's Fault) by Eurylochus
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  • My Tale of Woe (and How it's Odysseus's Fault)By Eurylochus(Deceased)Transcribed from Abyssal by Ashlyn North
  • I think that a hero is defined by sacrifice of some kind; the giving up of something precious to them for the greater good.
  • Like Captain Moroni, Corrie Ten Boom, and Joseph Smith
  • Note from the Transcriber
  • I am Eurylochus. I died trying to get home, because of a curse that my captain, Odysseus, brought upon us. We'd narrowly escaped a Cyclops. As we were leaving, Odysseus boasted to the Cyclops of his strength, telling his name, father, and island. This let the monster pray to his father, Poseidon, and the god of the sea cursed Odysseus, that he should come home alone, old, and under a strange sail. Unfortunately, this meant all the crew would die. Including me.
  • Then we landed on Circe's island. We ended up staying well over a year, until finally we-the crew- had to remind Odysseus that we needed to go home. No true Greek warrior would need reminding to go home, for there his loyalty lies.
  • Here was where I died: Helios's Island. We had no food, and the fattest cattle were grazing in front of us. Odysseus told us to not to eat them. We thought he was an idiot for suggesting it. And then Zeus rained his fury down from the sky, and we died. Only Odysseus survived. Now the curse he had brought upon himself was true: only he was left alive out of all of us.
  • Yes, if we'd listened to Odysseus and not eaten the cattle, then maybe we wouldn't have died like that. But, if he had managed to keep our respect of him, maybe we would have obeyed him. Besides, because of the curse, which was his fault, we would've died anyways.
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