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Witcher, Autumn Culminating Rough Draft 5
Updated: 6/25/2020
Witcher, Autumn Culminating Rough Draft 5
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  • Lifetime Wellness
  • To improve a person's lifetime wellness, people should perform daily physical activities. The three types of physical activities are cardio, resistance, and flexibility. Resistance activities are mean't to force your body to work against external forces and flexibility activities are mean't to help your body perform everyday activities.
  • Body Types and Composition
  • There are three different body types ectomorph, endomorph, and mesomorph. An ectomorph is a body type that has slender and slight build that has lower percentage of body. An endomorph is a body type that is large and a pear shaped appearance that has a high percentage of body fat. A mesomorph is a body type that has a solid and muscular physique. Body type is hereditary and something that you most likely can not change. Body composition is the percentage of fat, bone, muscle, and water in a persons body. If you have more body composition, you are most likely to have serious health issues and if you have a low body composition, you are less likely to have serious health issues.
  • Injuries and Injury Prevention
  • Injuries are very common during any physical activity. During physical activities, sometime people don't address the injury right way, which could make it more serious. To help prevent injuries, people do a warm up before participating in any physical activity. To prevent injuries, you also need to stay hydrated and taking breaks when necessary. After every workout, you should do a cool down. This will slowly reduce your heart rate and muscle temperature.
  • Ectomorph
  • Endomorph
  • Mesomorph
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