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history 3/26/19
Updated: 3/28/2019
history 3/26/19
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  • The Dawes Act effected the Native Americans in many ways and forms.
  • One way in which they were effected was by dividing up their land. The Dawes Act allowed the President to split up the Indians land.
  • Another way in which the Indians were effected by the Dawes Act was by ¨Americanizing Tribes¨ 
  • The United States government wanted the Indians to think and act identical to the ways of the people in the United States. Americanisation was hurting the Indians by taking away their lifestyle and culture.
  • The Dawes Act also split up tribes.
  • Native Tribes originally lived on shared land. The Dawes Act split up communal land and separated tribes.
  • The Dawes Act also hurt the non- educated Indians.
  • The Act brought in ¨graphers¨ that pretended to rent land from Indians that could not read . Graphers made fake contracts and told Indians they were renting but instead made them sign away all of their land.
  • In Indian tribes certain members of the tribe played certain roles. Members were taught and specialized in certain roles. With the new Dawes Act the tribes were split into individual families unlike whole groups as they were before. For example, hunters and mothers did not know how to farm and were not used to that lifestyle.
  • The Dawes Act also effected those who did not want to farm.
  • The Dawes Act also gave Indians hard to farm lands.
  • Unlike before the Dawes Act the new land was divided into individual family land. The land was given out based on a ´´roll´´ and may not have been the same land as before. When the land was split up the land given to some families was not eligible to farm on. A majority of Indians did not want to farm and most could not farm. The land was required to be farmed on . Indians who would have struggled with regular farm land now struggled more and faced land being taken.
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