Mayan Government
Updated: 5/18/2020
Mayan Government
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  • Agriculture and Warfare
  • Power Distribution/Rulers
  • Warlike Society
  • The Mayan society was based on agriculture and warfare. They had many crops, and were thought to be peaceful, but turned out to be a very bloody empire.
  • Who Had Power?
  • The rulers organized military leaders and officials, who could then organize workers to build irrigation systems, grow food, and construct buildings.
  • Fall Of The Mayan Empire
  • They were not united under a central ruler, so the cities often fought with each other for power, wealth, and land.
  • After The Fall Of The Mayans
  • The Mayans did not have a centralized government. They were not even a united empire. The Mayan empire was a collection of civilizations that were closely located together. Out of those civilizations, the Toltec were thought to have ruled the others.
  • The Mayans were eventually conquered by the Spaniards. However, the difficulties that the Spanish had to face while conquering were severe. They had to fight each Mayan city separately since the Mayan Empire was not united under one central ruler.
  • After the Mayan Empire was conquered by the Spanish, the remaining citizens that were free survived as farmers in small villages in the south.
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