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Black History Month: Angela James By: Hanna Goldstein
Updated: 2/22/2020
Black History Month: Angela James     By: Hanna Goldstein
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Black history month

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  • Hi I can’t wait to play on your team
  • Hi. I can't wait to play on your team!
  • You are a girl you can't play a boy sport!
  • In the hallway now! Both of you
  • I’m not giving up here! I love hockey!
  • Sorry, go find a sport that suits you better
  • I'm sorry but he is right Angela. Say sorry Jack.
  • Growing up wasn’t easy hearing lots of racist comments and living in poverty
  • The boys were very confused why a girl was on their team since at that time it was mostly boys playing hockey and wasn’t seen as something for girls. It was hard to find a girl's team so she had no choice but to play on the boys teams.
  • A hand represents my story because I was told no a lot but I learned to look past it
  • The coaches at the time even thought it was a boys team and she couldn’t play.
  • I helped lead my team to 4 world championships!
  • Fun fact: She was one of the first black women and gay person to be in the International Ice Hockey hall of fame
  • Angela had a tough childhood but that wouldn't stop her from achieving her dreams.
  • I coach now and had a very successful hockey career
  • I think a hand like in a stop sign represents her story and her life because she was always told she can’t do that or you can’t do the sport because it’s for boys. She would get racist comments and gender discrimination.
  • Angela had many accomplishments during her hockey career. Winning 4 world championships is one of the biggest highlights for her.
  • Angela's story shows that even in tough times she can persevere through and accomplish things that have never been done before.
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