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The Journey of a Rain Drop
Updated: 9/20/2020
The Journey of a Rain Drop
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  • The Sun shines down on to the ocean which evaporates the water.
  • This water vapour condenses in the atmosphere to form clouds.
  • When the cloud gets too heavy the burst open and precipitation (a fancy word for rain) comes out.
  • If the rain lands on a mountain side it forms a stream and flows down hill. This is called Surface Run-off.
  • Sometimes the water soaks into the soil, this is infiltration. from there it can do two things, it can soak through into the rock layer beneath and flow to a river that way, Groundwater flow. Or it can flow through the soil to the river, that is called throughflow.
  • Once the water has joined a river it can flow all the way, back out to sea.
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