Geometry Project

Updated: 7/28/2020
Geometry Project

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  • One last question!
  • Hey, I'm Chad, and this is my school! We're learning trigonometry!
  • And I'm Kyle! Chad is teaching me Trig cause I'm not so great at it.
  • Correct!
  • 4/20/20:TEST!!!
  • Alright Kyle! We studied, and now time for a pop quiz!
  • Ok, so, if I'm 6 feet tall against a wall on a 70 degree angle, using sin, how high am I?
  • Trigonometry
  • We would use the equation sin(50)x6. Therefore, sin(70)x =xx = 4.64?
  • Oh no..
  • Hmm. Well, if the hoop is 10 feet, and the player is 6 feet, 10-6=4. Now, tangent and θ comes in. θ = tan^-1 (4/15)So, the angle is 14.9 degrees!
  • Ok, next question! We are playing basketball, and we are 6 feet tall. The hoop is 10 feet tall, and we are 15 feet away. Using tangent, what is the angle of our eyes to the rim?*hint*: Use Theta! θ
  • This one is kinda tough.. Um, lets see. Well, the equation is
  • Hey, I got a 92 on the test! What did you get?
  • The next day(Test Day)
  • I got a 95! I DID BETTER THAN CHAD!!!
  • Homework:N/A for Today!