"CALL OF THE WILD", Into the Primitive (Chapter 1)
Updated: 5/31/2020
"CALL OF THE WILD", Into the Primitive (Chapter 1)
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First chapter from: "THE CALL OF THE WILD"

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  • College Park
  • Station
  • During the Klondike gold rush at North-land, 1897, lived a mix-breed St. Bernard, Scotch shepherd dog called buck; Santa Clara Valley, South-land, Judge Miller's luxurious house. Buck was the king and ruler of all; this dog had an inseparable relationship between Judge Miller, his children, and grandchildren. Royalty made Buck a well- behaved dog; despite Buck's appearance, wilderness was not a part of his external qualities.
  • Due to his trusting nature towards familiar people, Buck was kidnapped by the gambling gardener Manuel; the dog was sold to a stranger and was treated violently and mercilessly. Buck was tied from his neck by a rope, and was repeatedly choked and thrown to the ground. All of his trials for gaining freedom were failing and there was no hope left. Buck's pride was wounded and he was left as a kidnapped king.
  • "One in ten t'ousand"
  • Consequently, Buck was exchanged between several people, evil creatures as Buck decided. Every trial in which Buck displayed his furious, angry, and hurt feelings, he got teased and made fun of by who handled him. Buck, for two full days, never ate or drank, and then was hit with fever, soar tongue and throat, and severe exhaustion. Buck's wild side started emerging, and there began the change.
  • Later, Buck reached to the man in the red sweater in a misery; Buck had bloodshot eyes and was uncontrollably furious. Now, was his breaking point; raging with full anger Buck threw his full weight with full power on the man. When almost reaching the man, Buck was struck by something new, which felt like a strong shock. Without hesitation Buck raged again but was brought to the ground by a massive power.
  • Although Buck was hurt, he tried dozen times until he was helplessly laying on the ground. The man in the red sweater taught him a lesson which Buck always remembered, that a man with a club is a master and should be obeyed; there is no chance in challenging a man with a club. After that Buck spent several days with the red sweater man, observing plenty of dogs being sold. When his turn came, it was Buck's first time meeting Perrault, his new owner.
  • Buck and Curly, another chosen dog, were both taken by Perrault and joined with another man called Francois, in addition to several dogs; Buck then got to learn about each and everyone's personality. From there on, Buck started his new journey, heading to the freezing cold North-land; he knew there was a lot left to come.
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