Kensuke's Kingdom

Updated: 5/19/2020
Kensuke's Kingdom

Storyboard Text

  • This is Michael,his parents and his dog named Stella,they all lived in a one big house.
  • Hello,my name is Michael and this is my family
  • He had a best friend named Eddie Dodds and he has two other friends named Matt and Bobby,they had a football team called Muldlarks,they would always practice football together.
  • KICK!
  • One day,he heard such sad news.
  • He is going to be so sad.
  • WHAT!
  • We lost our job.
  • This is a lifevest incase you drown
  • But then,Michael and his parents decided to sail around with the help of Bill parker which they called him Barnacle Bill.
  • i am so excited.
  • Michael thought the school work was over but his excitement was cut short.
  • Here is your school work,we made a whole program.
  • Come on dear,you can do it
  • Oh,man
  • Hello Micheal,nice to meet you.
  • After his journey of visiting some countries with his family,he went to stay with his uncle in Austrailia.
  • Say hi to your uncle.
  • Hi.