pre thai riffic
Updated: 11/12/2020
pre thai riffic

Storyboard Text

  • Alberts first day of school. He was very shy and got teased very much, even the teachers greeted him with the Thai greeting to tease him and they laughed. It was really difficult for him because he had no friends.
  • Albert has a big dog named jay which is his only friend. What makes this dog so special is that he can speak English to his owner. They are both best friends and love each other very much. At school he has no friends and he sits alone in the corner looking at pictures of jay.
  • After school albert trains for soccer practice for 4 hours straight then goes to his club to train with his teammates. he is very talented which is why he play above his age level and gets paid to play. he is very dedicated towards his sports
  • Alberts mum loves him lots although she always thinks its funny to embarrass him in front of people. that is one reason why he isn't really popular and no one likes him.
  • She always wears Thai clothes to drop him off at school and puts weird Thai music and starts dancing and forces Albert to join along. random girls from his year level laugh and take pictures to post on their social medias.
  • Albert changes schools and still gets no friends.
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