Updated: 1/15/2021

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  • Be Confident!
  • A story by Ayden B.
  • Talk positively
  • You are doing good dude. You are a great teammate!
  • Caring for yourself
  • "I'm going to do great today at practice, I love soccer and spending time with my friends!"
  • A story of some different ways to feel more confident.
  • Helping others
  • You can do it Kye! You are tougher than the ball!
  • Ayden is playing a game with a friend who feels like giving up because he thinks he isn't very good at the game. Ayden tells him he is a great teammate and friend so he feels more confident to play more.
  • Picture the way you want things to be
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  • Ayden is at the soccer field for practice getting ready in the locker room. He tells himself some positive things. The way he speaks helps him feel more confident.
  • Remember to be confident!
  • Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed!
  • Ayden's friend Kye was afraid to get hit by the soccer ball as a goalie. Ayden's coach told Kye not to worry because he is tougher and stronger than the ball. The coach helped Kye feel more confident.
  • Ayden use to be scared of jumping on the trampoline but he pictured himself as a strong acrobat to help him feel more confident.