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Updated: 1/24/2020
Night Storyboard
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  • "A crowd of workmen and curious passerby had formed all along the train. The... Soon, pieces of bread were falling into the wagons from all sides. And the spectators observed these emaciated creatures ready to kill for a crust of bread"  (101).
  • "On the third night of our journey, I woke up with a start when I felt two hands on my throat, trying to strangle me" (102).
  • Father please help me!!
  • "Shlomo, I am getting weal. My strength is gone. I won't make it..." (102).
  • Some German workmen start to throw bread in the wagon were the prisoners were located, and viewed them as the prisoners fought over what little food they had. My personal reaction from this scene just made it look very cruel for the workmen to do that when they know the prisoners are suffering.
  • "We all got up. We all pulled our soaked blankets tighter around our shoulders. And we tried to take a few steps, to shuffle back and forth, in place" (103).
  • The third night of the journey when Eliezer was sleeping, we was awoken by someone choking him out of nowhere. Eliezer was calling his dad for him to save him but a man named Meir Katz ended up saving him. My personal reaction from this scene was thinking about what would have that man gained if he finished choking Eliezer, and what was the point of it?
  • "The lament spread from wagon to wagon. It was contagious. And now hundreds of cries rose at once" (103).
  • why don't the SS guards shoot them already
  • Meir Katz starts to cry after he saved Eliezer a few days ago because he doesn't have the will to live anymore. But Eliezer's father tried to encourage Meir to keep pushing through no matter how big the struggle is. My personal thoughts on this scene is me understanding Meir because he's been through a lot physically and mentally.
  • "Twelve of us left it. Among them, my father and myself. We had arrived in Buchenwald" (103).
  • There is a bitter wind on the last day of the journey, and all of the prisoners get closer to each other, and stand up to get warmer. My personal thoughts on this section was realizing how horrible the living conditions were for the prisoners, and how terrible life was for them.
  • Every one of the prisoners start to cry out sounding like death, and Meir Katz wonders why the guards won't shoot them right away. My personal thoughts on this is questioning Meir's thoughts since Meir is thinking that the guards should kill the people, but everyone including Meir is trying to survive.
  • After a long trip, they are at the camp they were assigned. Only twelve people were able to successfully have the strength to leave the wagon out of the 100 people. Meir Katz wasn't able to make it and was left on the train. My personal thoughts on this section was feeling sad that Meir wasn't able to survive and keep fighting on to have a chance of living.
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