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"The most dangerous game" by Mrs. Ayers
Updated: 10/19/2020
"The most dangerous game" by Mrs. Ayers
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Storyboard Description

This story has a lot of action, unexpected dangers. You have to see it to believe it.

Storyboard Text

  • 1. Introduction - The Wedding
  • John, I'm delighted. Yes, Lisa. Are you ready to go to Hawaii?
  • 2. Rising ActionThe trip to Hawaii
  • 3. ClimaxThe Storm
  • Aaaah!!!!Help us.......
  • He he he...Give us all your money or we kill you...
  • My story is happpening in Hawaii. Two people, a man and a woman just got married. Their names are John and Lisa. They wanted to spend their honeymoon in Hawaii but a disaster happened.
  • 3. Falling Action The Carribean Pirates
  • No, we are going to run.
  • As John and Lisa were flying over the Atlantic Ocean, a big storm started. They were very scared and terrified.
  • 4. ResolutionThe escape
  • 3. Climax - the newly weds Lisa and John didn't expect this to happen. The plane was hit by lightening and it started crashing. Next thing they know, the couple and their pilot crashed into an island.
  • 5. ThemeBack to New York
  • Lisa, we are saved. We are going back to New York.
  • 4. Falling Action - It was an island inhabitted by Carribean pirates. They wanted to kill the couple and so they started chasing them.
  • 5. Resolution - Lisa and John lost their pilot. His name was Alex and he simply got lost on that island. John and Lisa ran all the way to the other end of the island.They cam a cross the pirates' ship and they sailed away back home to New York. 
  • Hey, John. Look, a ship.
  • 6. The theme or the main message in this story is that love always wins. Despite the challenges or difficulties, a couple who really cares for each other will fight the problems.
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