Hacker Friend

Updated: 3/4/2021
Hacker Friend

Storyboard Text

  • Good afternoon dad
  • I though is was a joke, and plus no offense, but how can you help me.
  • Not really, I think I got hacked.
  • What! Why didn't you tell me! I could have helped you!
  • Hey there son, everything ok?
  • Haha, lets see about that, lets go to your room.
  • I believe you, yikes! this Rebeca girl seems pretty rude.
  • We could help her, in the mean time call her while I trace the location this hacker entered your account.
  • So, show me the first time this started.
  • There it is, I never wrote this.
  • I though the same, maybe she got hacked too!
  • Don't worry, I got that figured out, I will call you when I can help you more, Bye!
  • Me too! Maybe we got hacked by the same person.
  • Hi Rebeca, Its Mark. Sorry for those texts, I just called to...
  • Hi Mark, I'm sorry too, I think I got hacked.
  • Could be! I don't know where to get help thou.
  • Great! Thanks, Bye.
  • I traced it! Lets go.
  • Way to go dad!
  • Well, lets go in and see.
  • This is the location
  • Not Luke! I hope it is not him.
  • That's weird, this is Luke's house.
  • Hi Luke, lets get to the point, we are here because we know you hacked Mark.
  • I am so sorry, I am truly am, jealousy got the best of me
  • Its not like I wouldn't have given you the chance with Rebeca, you are more important, or at least were.
  • Why would you do this to me!