Updated: 9/22/2020

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Crucible Poem

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  • beginning
  • middle
  • 12 PM:Death sits on my shoulder like a crowwaiting for my squeezed beetof a heart to burst
  • end
  • The townsfolk barge into her barn one morning and accuse her of being a witch, all because she is a woman living alone on a farm.
  • theme
  • hours go by as she hangs.She thinks to herself ...
  • alternative ending
  • she is pulled down and is still alive, but after being half-hanged, she feels like she's dead inside. She then lives another 14 years after the hanging.
  • continued...
  • the theme of the poem is the injustices of the puritan time, and more focused on the witch trials. The author takes the reader helps the reader understand the merciless society of this time in excruciating details
  • she's a witch !!!
  • HANG HER!!!
  • burn her !!
  • she makes a potion so she can time travel, and run away from the townsfolk.
  • She lives a lush life, for 14 years in New York city