getting ready for ramadan
Updated: 4/30/2020
getting ready for ramadan

Storyboard Text

  • hello I am sara and I want to show you how I will decorate this tree
  • I am 15 ft away from the tree looking at it from a 35 degree angle. tan(35)*15=10.5 so the tree is 10.5 ft long
  • I want to know how tall this table is i'm looking at it from a 20 degree angle and it casts a shadow of 3 ft cos 20 = x/3=1.2ft
  • I am at the party store and I want to know the distance from the top of the banner to where im standingI am looking at it from a 50 degree angle and I am 4 feet away.sin 50 4/x= 5.2 ft
  • Ramadan Mubarak
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