Unknown Story

Updated: 10/7/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Secretary's office
  • okay then I'll you later.
  • Let me go to the managers office now, I'll see you in a bit.
  • At the managers office
  • what kind of favour is that ?
  • I need you to do me a favour
  • Secretary and the manger
  • No but we want the meeting ASAP!
  • i need you to organize a meeting with all the staff members and schedule it for next week.
  • The secretary leaving her working space.
  • some of the workers waiting for the bus.
  • he asked me to organize a meeting the members of the company next week, I told we want he meeting ASAP but he didnt answer me
  • the manager is talking about what the employers want and is asking the manager to organize a meeting for the whole company next week.
  • The following morning
  • The manager and the secretary discussing the interview. The secretary then leaves the managers office.
  • at the managers office.
  • The workers discussing about what they are planning to do.
  • how did your meeting with the manager go?
  • lets all not come to work tomorrow until this is solved.
  • great idea now we have to inform the others.
  • The manager was confused when he walked through the door and there was no one in the building. He immediately called the secretary to ask her what's going on. The secretary told him what is going on that everyone planned not to pitch up to work until the matter is solved.
  • The manager phoned everyone telling then he would fire everyone because they decided not to come to work when they were suppose to.