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Super Nova
Updated: 3/28/2019
Super Nova
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  • Orphanage
  • I love you Carmen, have this gem to remember me 
  • The Power Of The Gem
  • Haha, now stay still
  • Revenge
  • Whooo. everything is not moving! I need to get revenge
  • Marry gives Carmen to the orphanage and says goodbye. Then Marry vanished in the cold night air.
  • The Noise
  • CRASH!!!!!!!!
  • 16 year later Carmen and Luna (Carmens best friend) sat under a tree then Madison the school bully came up to them and was going to punch Luna! But then there wasa big gust of wind swirling around Carmen!
  • The fight
  • Shut up i know shes here
  • Then Carmen saw that everything wasent moving, she had to take that advantage and she punched Madison right in the jaw. When time started to again Madison was in rage! And her clothes went back to normal?
  • That night Carmen didnt sleep a bit she keeped thinking about what happend at lunch. Then suddenly she heard a noise out in the common room. She didnt know why none of the others were not up?
  • BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • CLASH!!!!!!
  • Then Carmen went silently out into the common room to see two men, one had a white coat like a scientist and the other wearing brown rags. She knew they were bad people so she creeped up on them and punched the first guy with the rags.
  • YOU TWO ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE HERE! Im Super Nova! And i will end you!
  • Docter Strange we dont have much time, shes not here....AHHHHHHH
  • Dr Strange and Super Nova started to fight. Dr Strange punched her hard in the stomach. Her gem started to glow she heard parents saying that she could get him. She punched him really hard, she knew he was done. She defeted him Carmen was so happy, now it was her little secret.
  • AHHHHH!!!
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