All Summer in a Day
Updated: 12/18/2020
All Summer in a Day

Storyboard Text

  • Exposition Margot came form earth four years. She really misses the sun. it always rain in Venus so she can never see the the sun. 
  • Falling Action Margot is still locked in the closet. Everybody is outside enjoying the sun. The sun goes away and the rain comes back. Then they realize they Margot is locked in the closet.
  • Rising ActionThe boy William and other students bully Margot because she is different and she remember what the sun looks like
  • ClimaxMargot is locked in the closet by the students. While she was in the closet the sun came out.
  • No please let me go! I am sorry.
  • Resolution The students open the door and Margot never got to see the sun. The students are ashamed of what they did to her.
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