Unknown Story

Updated: 10/13/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Their was a missing boy that went into the jungle and hasn't been seen in a couple weeks. Joe boy invites his friends to go hang out with him in that same jungle for the day.
  • One of Joe boy's friends Vinny, wasn't sure about going their because he didn't want to end up like that boy. The boy who had died or went missing was only 14 years old. Vinny was thinking he didn't want to be their and he didn't want to die or anything to happen to him or his friends.
  • Once they started hiking some more they found a lake that had a 50-foot drop, so Starlene went up and jumped right off, she was the first one to jump. Joe Boy and Mo jumped after her. Vinny just sat their and looked baffled. He didn't know how they were doing it. They all yelled up at him to jump he walked up to the ledge put a leaf in his mouth and drew a cross on his neck. After a long minute he spit the leaf out and smudged the cross off and walked back down. He had felt peace after doing that he didn't know why but he did. He was too much in his own head to realize they beautiful surroundings the were upon him . While they were walking home it was quiet but he didn't care because he had actually felt like he made a right and smart decision.