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Updated: 4/21/2020
Trabajo de Ingles
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  • Exposition:Introducing the SettingTime, Place, and Historical Context
  • Exposition: Introducing the Characters Abigail Williams and John Proctor
  • Exposition: Introducing the Characters Abigail Williams and Betty, Mercy, and Mary
  • Salem, 1962-1963. This story happens during the events of the Salem Witch Trials.
  • Exposition: Introducing the Characters Rebecca Nurse and Ann Putnam
  • John Proctor denied the forbidden love he had with Abigail and treated her as if they had never met to avoid her. Abigail insisted that he return to her and leave Elizabeth. Abigail was furious and frustrated that she couldn't have that love again.
  • Exposition: Introducing the Characters Reverend Parris, Hale, Thomas Putnam, and Tituba.
  • Mercy and Abigail agreed to change the version of what happened in the forest, however Marry was concerned that the news was spreading and she wanted to confess the events. Betty was persuaded by Abigail not to say anything.
  • Inciting Incident: Introducing the Conflict
  • Rebecca at all times did not believe that it was a witchcraft that happened in the city she just thought that what happened to Betty were children's things. Ann Putnam thought otherwise because of what happened to her in the past with her dead children. She wanted Parris to say what was happening.
  • Putnam wanted Hale to look for signs of witchcraft in Betty when he arrived. Tituba was put in a situation when Abigail confesses that she was guilty of witchcraft. Tituba confessed that she was possessed by the devil and started working for him. She also said that some people are with the devil in Salem.
  • The conflict in this story is what happens to Betty and why she was like this. To resolve this conflict they used the method of medicine and did not recover, then they sought information and the highest probability was witchcraft because of the evidence they obtained from the adolescents. The conflict is external and man vs. supernatural.
  • SALEM (7KM)
  • The CrucibleAct I
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