Second part graphic novel
Updated: 3/19/2020
Second part graphic novel

Storyboard Text

  • The mother went to see the children several times, each time she went, she gave one gold coin to the guard. Until she went for a last time...
  • Kids get down!
  • K-POW-POW!!
  • K-POW-POW!!
  • Is there a dressmaker?I will give you soldiers a gold coin for one.
  • The Persian shah had ordered, that whoever brought an Armenian, would get one gold coin. So in their way to Persia, they meet a Sheikh.
  • For each of them you will get one gold coin. Take.
  • I am a dressmaker, I can go if I can take my kids with me.
  • At night, she put the little brother on her breast, so that he might suck milk, though there was no milk left.
  • He took them to the tents where they would live, and said to his men...
  • If even a hair were to fall from their heads, I’ll cut off your heads.
  • Armed Persians came and began slaughtering the Turkish soldiers. They saved the children, their mother and a few other adults, whose turn had not come yet.
  • At that time, they were told that the Americans had come and were helping the Armenians.
  • Would you like to go to America?
  • No thanks.
  • Abdul Khazer Geylani was Arab, he took them to Der-Zor. So that she make dresses for the Arab women living there.
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  • The mother had become very thin, the little brother could not stand it, so he died. As there was not a sheet to wrap him for his burial, they tore the mothers underwear, wrapped him in it, and buried him.
  • So they decided to remain there.
  • The End