Vocab Story Board Nunez
Updated: 2/9/2021
Vocab Story Board Nunez

Storyboard Text

  • My my, hello there strange creature.
  • What? I'm a normal person.
  • Doesn't matter. I need my dang meds so I can get more energy.
  • I don't care ol' timer, I just want the new skechers clout edition.
  • Well I'm just hoping there isn't a scarcity of the meds I'm looking for, I need them today.
  • If you pay me well enough, I could be of service and help you out.
  • Hmm? Why the sudden change of moods?
  • Because, I know the economics of pharmaceutical goods and I could save you some money.
  • Ok, what's the catch?
  • I just want you to pay me and maybe buy me some booze.
  • How is this going to work?
  • Ok, so big corporations love to ripoff people by not selling the goods at their true value.