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Updated: 1/14/2020
Literacy Term Analysis Story Board
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  • Characterization: Ember
  • Characterization: Chase
  • Theme
  • Ember in Article 5 is a very brave and determined individual who is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that her mom is safe. Throughout the book, Ember changes between these characteristics many times. For instance, at the beginning of the book, she was really determined on finding her mom, but when she found out the truth about her mom she became brave and determined on making her mom proud.
  • Foreshadowing: "I could not let them search the house; we had too much contraband out to avoid a citation. I tilted my head subtly to Beth, and she meandered back to the couch, stuffing the romance novel my mother had been reading beneath the cushion. My mind raced through the other things she had: more inappropriate paperbacks, old magazines from before the War ..." (Simmons 16).
  • Imagery: "Finally, we came in range. As we closed in on the city of Knoxville, the MM presence on the highway increased. There were other cars as well. Not many, but enough for us to blend in. This fact didn't ease our minds as the FBR cruisers began flying by with regularity. Then we saw the sign. YELLOW ZONE. The western half of Knoxville had recently been closed to civilians to make way for an MM base" (Simmons 268).
  • Chase in Article 5 is a very strong-hearted and determined character. At the beginning of the book, Chase is introduced as an FBR agent, who arrests Ember's mom. But, later in the story, we find out that Chase was more than an FBR agent to Ember; when he came and rescued her from the Reformatory. This is when he became strong-hearted and determined because he wanted to help Ember.
  • Figurative Language (Personification): "Anger rose above the grief. Anger at myself. I didn't fight hard enough. I didn't play nice enough. I had let her go.The bus climbed back onto the highway ..." (Simmons 33).
  • The theme in Article 5 is to never give up even when everything around you makes it hard. The theme is shown many times throughout the story, but the most obvious ones are both times when Ember gets arrested. These show the theme because even though she was arrested she doesn't give up on escaping.
  • At the beginning of the book when Ember arrives home she looks around at all of the things that her mom is not supposed to have because of the new rules. This foreshadows that Ember's mom is going to get arrested because it is talking about all of the things that she has that she not supposed to have.
  • Simmons uses imagery a few times throughout the novel. She uses the imagery so that the readers can visualize the setting that the characters are in. This is because the setting throughout the book is always changing.
  • Yellow Zone
  • There are two pieces of personification in this quote. The first one is in the beginning of the quote when it says "Anger rose above the grief" (33). This is personification because anger can't rise. The second personification is when it says "The bus climbed back onto the highway"(33). This is personification because buses can't climb like humans.
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