Sports Med. Storyboard P2 21-22

Updated: 9/15/2021
Sports Med. Storyboard P2 21-22

Storyboard Text

  • Hey, how are you feeling? I'll get help to make sure you're okay. They will also let you know what it is that you need to do if your leg is really broken.
  • My leg hurts really bad and I can't walk on it.
  • Hi, Ms. Reynolds this is your daughters coach. I wanted to tell you that your daughter might've broke her leg during track practice. She is headed the the hospital right now.
  • Oh okay. We'll be headed there soon.
  • After doing an X-ray and seeing what's wrong we saw that the bone is broken. She will need to be in a cast until it heals. She will also see other doctors to make sure she is healthy. She will need to see other doctors for more information that are better at making sure she is healing efficientl. We will also give her crutches so she doesn't put pressure onto her leg. After she is fully healed we will have her practice how to walk again so she will be able to go about her day like normal.
  • Okay so the doctors said to bring you to the hospital to the time we agreed on so you can get back to walking on your legs. You'll also need to go through cross training and stay active but being careful from your leg so you are staying healthy. They also said they also will take of the cast soon and take a took to see if it's healed now. Just make sure to take your medicine on time and don't put any pressure on your leg. From what the doctor says you'll need to be in crutches for like 6-8 weeks and to also not have your leg put in any pressure.
  • Okay, I'll make sure to do that
  • How is her leg doing so far. Her mother made sure that she was doing okay on getting better and made sure she was being healthy.
  • Looks like her leg is fully healed. We just need her to practice how to walk again and she's all done.
  • Okay, Thank you!
  • The nutritionist said to make sure you are eating things that will make your bones stronger like: Milk, yogurt, cheese... Anything that is rich in calcium would help.
  • Okay, so you're doing good now. Make sure that you stretch enough so you don't get a muscle strain and fall like last time.